The tournament's main goal is to build a highly competitive quality competition for the country's youth on an annual basis. We simply want all our young footballers from the various corners of our islands the ready opportunity to compete at a national and international level, and with the aspiration of doing so every year. Through quality competition where teams have the chance to go against many other excellent teams and brilliant players from all over the country and perhaps the Asian region, our hope is that this tournament becomes a constant venue to:
• raise the level of play of our youth
• scout potential young talent for our clubs, schools and national teams
• promote youth football clubs and their system of play
• promote domestic tourism through football, and
• simply bring the hundreds of young players together thereby providing a sense of national community through football
The PINAS CUP likewise encourages youth football development through a phased format approach where the kids play small sided games (5 and 7 a-side) during their younger years, to mid-sized games (9 a-side) and finally progressing to full pitch games (11 a -side) as they mature.